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Get your career started with Red Hog Media's

Real Estate Media School.

Open to all Photographers and Videographers at any level!

(No Experience Required) 


Are you looking to start a real estate media business?

Let us help you get started the right way in the booming business of Real Estate Media. 


You only get one chance to make a first impression.  There is no faking it until you make it for real estate media providers.  If you do a great job the first time, agents will happily share your name with their brokerage and co-workers. 


On the flip side, do a bad job and your name and reputation will spread even faster and your career will be done before it ever started.  Or you’ll spend months trying to put overcome the bad start.  


There is a very specific way to shoot Real estate media, not just photos, but video, drone and more.  Often, very experienced photographers from the wedding industry, landscape or event business photography struggle getting traction shooting for Realtors.  


With the recent shifts in the industry, there’s an increasing need for quality and ethical media providers.  


At Red Hog Media, we’ve been providing top quality media to our clients since 2015. We’ve built a large clientele for several full time photographers in a small town of less than 90,000 people.  In 2019, we were able to expand our business to the Phoenix area which is the most competitive real estate media market in the country.  We not only survived the covid market, but have thrived.


In 2022, Red Hog Media has successfully quadrupled our footprint in the three states: Idaho, Washington and Arizona.  


In the process of growing our own team.  We’ve perfected a training model that works with anyone at any skill level.  No experience necessary, just a little hustle and positive attitude.  We’ll take care of the rest and teach you everything you need to get you started making money.  


We want to share our success and proven business model with you.  Our class is designed to teach both beginners and intermediate photographers the ins and outs of not only all things Real Estate Media, but also the best business practices for success.  


After our 1 week course, you will:

  •  Feel comfortable with your equipment and camera settings

  • Know all of the angles to capture all types of homes

  • Have the knowledge and skills to make amazing photography

  • Know the correct terms and phrases to sell your services

  • Have video skills to create awe inspiring real estate videos

  • Have ample tools in your tool belt to successfully start your own media business

  • Go home with the confidence

  • Have a small portfolio of images to start marketing yourself

  • Get 4 coaching sessions 

  • Have the opportunity for weekly coaching for those interested


Class graduates may be offered the opportunity to partner for Red Hog Media if they so choose.  This will come with free extended coaching and possibly on site sales support to ensure you hit the ground running.  But make no mistake, this class is open to anyone beginner or advanced from all areas of the country.  All you have to do is be willing to learn something new.


Click this link to see what some of our students are saying about our class.  


You too can make a great living being your own boss.  


Invest in your own success and be your own boss.  


We’re going to offer the next class upon demand.  Fill out the form below and will add you to the list.

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Josh S-
Brett’s instruction has been instrumental in developing my real estate photography and videography skills. He brings valuable experience and perspective from working closely with the real estate industry for many years. Brett teaches not only the technical knowledge, but also the people skills so that you come away with a complete set of tools to confidently navigate a real estate photo shoot. He is a patient teacher, taking the time to ensure each student understands the curriculum, both in concept and in hands on demonstration. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to build their foundational or advanced real estate photography and videography skills!

Mark H-
Approximately just over a year ago, I wanted to start earning some money from flying my drones around and started looking at places to work. While doing so I saw a local company called Red Hog Media posting a position for a drone/real estate photographer and I applied. While in the interview for this position both Brett and Lauren indicated they would train me what I needed to know about photography. I was like what? They will put on a short school about photography and teach me how to do real estate photography? I was intrigued and said yes. 

Brett conducted a class (school) for me and a few others and although i was a bit worried as I hardly knew anything about photography, I was all in! During this class, Brett went over all the basics and showed us exactly how to shoot, setup, and conduct ourselves professionally while doing real estate photography. Brett brought in his own companies equipment and let us use and setup the cameras if we didn't have our own…as I did not. After several days of in class training, it was time to head to the field and shoot an actual house….I was nervous. But Bretts calmness and teaching skills made the task very easy and made me feel like a pro, even though I was far from that. After taking the class, I was hooked and started shooting homes for top real estate agents and now have done over 175 jobs. I know I can always reach out to either Brett or Lauren and ask questions if needed and they always provide great positive feedback about my shoots. I'm continually gaining more confidence and learning so much since going through the class. I would highly recommend this class to anyone either with knowledge or no knowledge at all to take the class, I guarantee you will take some very valuable information home with you to use for the future.


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