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Real Estate Photography Statistics: Why Video, Drones, and Pro Images Work!

On average, home buyers in the U.S. spend eight weeks searching for a home, narrowing to nine options, viewing four, before settling on one — their "forever" home.

When buyers narrow their options, sellers risk their homes falling through the cracks if they've ignored the importance of professional real estate photography.

Visuals are integral to generating buyer interest and correspondence that ultimately results in a profitable transaction.

The stats below showcase how a few hundred dollars spent on professional real estate photography or videography is a savvy investment — generating a return far greater than the initial cost.

Professional Real Estate Photography Statistics

Professional photography for your home can make a significant difference in views and sales. These differences are most evident because:

1. Homes with professional real estate photography tend to receive 61 percent more views than those without.

2. Listings featuring high-quality images tend to sell for significantly more than those with low-quality images. In fact, homes with professional real estate photography can sell for as much as $116,076 more than comparable listings that use low-quality or amateur images.

3. Homes that use professional photography in their listings sell 32 percent faster, taking only 89 days to sell, in contrast to the 123 days it takes sellers without professional visuals to offload their homes.

4. Additionally, real estate listings that showcase high dynamic range (HDR) photographs have a selling rate that is twice as fast as their counterparts and achieve 118 percent increase in online visibility.

5. Real estate photography also has a significant impact on agent commissions. Agents who neglect professional real estate photography earn an average gross commission income half that of agents who use pro visuals earn.

The latter makes a whopping $8,683 in commission, while the former averages $4,292.

Real Estate Drone Photography Statistics

Realtors can effectively showcase a property's amenities using an aerial perspective, displaying a unique view of a home's location within its neighborhood, including its proximity to landmarks, neighbors, and conveniences.

This feature is why drone images attract more attention to listings.

1. Real estate listings featuring aerial photos sell 68 percent faster than those with only standard images.

2. Given the efficacy of drones, it's unsurprising that 56 percent of realtors have started incorporated aerial footage in their listings.

Real Estate Video Statistics

Real Estate Video has as much impact on convincing buyers to view a home as it has on attracting sellers to hire a brokerage. Statistics show that home sellers often prefer to work with agents who utilize video to promote their properties because properties with real estate videos generate more leads.

1. 73 Percent of homeowners indicate that they would prefer to work with a real estate agent who utilizes video marketing compared to one that does not.

2. Property listings with videos generate four times more inquiries than those that don't have professionally shot video footage.

Evaluating these statistics, you can come to only one conclusion: hiring a professional photographer, licensed drone operator, and real estate videographer is critical to attracting potential buyers and expediting the sale of your home. And even better conclusion is that Red Hog Media offers a one stop shop for all of your real estate media needs!

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